Picking Godparents

Ryder's Christening

Ryder’s Christening

Me, Brit (godmom) and baby Ryder on his Christening September 2013. I’m Lutheran Nate is Catholic our kids were both Christened Catholic but if we are out of the picture I don’t mind if they are raised Lutheran, Catholic, or Jewish just so long as they are in the care of loving people that introduce them to the world in the way I would. When picking Godparents for our children it was less about religion and more about who we want them with if we cannot be there for them? I want my kiddos to be raised the way I would raise them and by someone who is familiar with me and their daddy so that they will at least hear stories of us from their godparents if we were, god forbid, taken away prematurely from an accident or health issue. Who better than the person that was right there along with me in all my immature childhood (and sometimes as an adult) escapades (some.. well most which involved the my baby’s daddy as well)? Of course my bestie would raise my little man right if it came down to it! And uncle Mikey will make a great substitute daddy if need be…I hope:-)  Teach them about God? Sure that is your job as a godparent but it doesn’t have to be the God I know because if you raise my child the way I would my child will be able to choose their own path and decide for themselves what to believe and this is why our babies have the godparents they have. You will in our absence introduce them into your religion but more than that you will introduce them to a culture and I want that culture to be the same as the one they would know if they were still with me and their dad. Picking our kids godparents was like picking substitute parents and the best sub for me is my sister from another mother (and of course my actual sis but Trin already has her… and one of my kids is more than enough for anyone:-)).


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