Our Week of Costumes

So it’s baby’s 1st Halloween and I couldn’t decide on a costume for him… There are SOOO many cute one’s. My other problem was that I wanted a theme so my kiddies could coordinate. TT was insistent she wanted to be a ninja turtle. I bought matching turtle costumes for them Michelangelo for Baby and Rhaph for TT. A few days later TT said she wanted to be a spider instead… this time I waited since I thought she may change her mind and she did. Now she wants to be Dorothy so I decided we would just make Halloween a week long affair and do a new costume every day

Day 1 Turtle Day

Here are the kiddos looking stealthy in there Ninja Turtle get up


Day 2 Monsters Inc.

The before and after, TT was Boo last year and mommy went as mike with the eyeball painted on my prego belly so it only makes since that my bump be Mike this year:) (Daddy went as Sully)



Day 3 Making Meatballs

I’m pretty sure Trinity enjoyed this much more than her brother.


Day 4 Princess and the Dragon

The mean dragon pulled my beautiful Rapunzel hair 😥


Day 5 Shark Attack

Would have worked much better if Trin didn’t think her brother looked so funny. I told her to try and look scared but she just giggled!


Day 6 Beautiful Buggies

T was a bit sad that she had wings but couldn’t actually fly. Baby was adorable wiggling around with all the little legs wriggling on his costume.


Day 7 Halloween!! Dorothy and the Tin Man

Ryder really wanted to get a hold of TT’s shoes! SHINY 🙂