My Hosptial Bag

When I had baby #1 I had a vague idea of what to pack, by baby #2 I had it down to a science! Our hospital provided everything for baby, diapers, wipes, a pacifier, a brush, blankets and even clothing (they had specific tee-shirts they look like this  they wanted baby in to do easy temp and heartbeat checks). For me they had a gown (UGLY) and towels (Scratchy) and pads. Baby #1 was full term I had my bag packed for when labor started. I had things like snacks for me (but mostly for daddy I had a fear of pooping on the table so I didn’t want to eat before pushing), magazines, a playlist on my iPod, lemon juice to squeeze on ice chips, oil absorbing wipes and wet wipes, hair ties and a headband, and massagers to rub my back… none of these came in handy since baby #1 ended up being breech and a C-section ensued. I had my first baby in less than a half hour! Go me:) Because of certain condition I opted for a repeat C-section for baby #2 rather than a Vbac. I skipped the lemon juice and music this time since I knew this would be quick. Instead I packed my own hospital gown (from Pretty Pushers)  and nice towel and flip flops for the shower. I also remembered how awful hospital pillows were so I packed my own. I got a new set of PJ’s and robe since I knew I would have guests and wanted to be covered but comfortable and a going home outfit. I bought some new undies since my pre-pregnancy ones most likely still wouldn’t fit and would hit right about the same spot as my incision and my maternity ones would be too big. Yes I bought Granny Panties for this occasion. I threw in a few snacks for those late night feedings when the kitchen is closed but for the most part our hospital had really good food. I got a new nursing bra. I only bought one because I knew my size would change over the next few days and weeks. I brought disposable nursing pads as well, my milk has a habit of coming in very fast so the colostrum stage is short maybe a day and then I start leaking like a sieve! Toiletries: Make up, shampoo, conditioner etc. (Don’t forget your glasses contact case and cleaner if you wear contacts). I brought my computer for those times when baby is sleeping and no one is visiting (with a C-section my hospital stay was a day longer and so there were down times). I brought my child’s baby book (it is important to look through carefully before baby arrives because mine had a page for hospital visitors to sign) and an outfit for bringing baby home. My boyfriend’s and my tradition has been for daddy to pick the take home outfit out for our kids. I brought a special shirt for baby while in the hospital for day  3 after they allowed him to have clothing (see it here). I packed my Camera (extra batteries, an extra SD card, and charger). Cellphone and charger which I left a note to myself to grab on top of my hospital bag since I am notorious for not having my phone or it being dead. A black nursing tank and shirt for photos after baby was born and a stuffed animal plus his musical sea horse (see it).

What’s in my bag:


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