Ryder’s Baby Shower

I walked into the backyard last night to a wonderful surprise!


I was extremely happy to see that the baby shower party favors we gave to our guest served their purpose. We wanted to give them something that would be a reminder of Ryder and the joy that day meant for us. We ended up giving out the cutest little elephant shaped seed paper in a coconut plant liner with planting instructions all tied up in beautiful blue ribbon.


I took what leftovers we had from the shower and planted them in our yard. What grew was better than I ever could have imagined! One year later out popped an amazing surprise, forget-me-nots. A bittersweet reminder of the day our family and friends came to meet the newest member of our family and how fast the time goes. No longer that little baby everyone snuggled and gushed over at his shower, today he is a rambunctious one year old on a mission to pick all those beautiful blue blossoms that for an instance brought me back to a time that feels like just a day ago and a lifetime ago all at once.


A rush of sadness came over me as I realized how quickly we do forget the babies our children once were as they become the little people we know and love. This tiny reminder in my garden will always be there to tell me to forget-me-not mommy as I was, I will always be your baby. Remember me on that day small and helpless taking up a spot in your heart you didn’t know was empty until you met me. Love me now for the amazing little man I’ve become. I hope they come back every year, a reminder of a beautiful time I never want to forget.


In Honor of National Breastfeeding Month

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month we our featuring a new item available in our Etsy shop. Nip (Nursing in Public) cards can be added to your order for $1.00 per set of 10 cards. These handy little trinkets are to be given to another mother that is nursing her child somewhere in public as a token of your appreciation for what she is doing to make nursing your baby commonplace. Breastfeeding your child is not some gross vulgar act that should be done shamefully hiding in the deepest darkest corner of the room. It should be the norm done whenever and wherever your baby needs it. Show your appreciation, acceptance and understanding to other moms making breastfeeding in public the new norm and share a nip. 

♥As an added bonus and because we love the message it sends for the month of August we will be including 10 cards free with every purchase! 


World Breastfeeding Week 2014 Promos


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Weird things we do with our bffs

So Brit and I just had a text message convo the other day that was completely normal to us but may seem weird to anyone outside our circle. I didn’t think anything about it until I had to explain how I found the girl to play Tink at my daughters 5th birthday party to Nate who couldn’t comprehend the conversation Brit and I had in order to arrive at this solution.

Here’s how it played out:


The conversation with Nate was much less pleasant and far more complicated.
Him: Who is coming to her party as Tink?
Me: IDK some girl Brit knows?
Him: How does that even work, you don’t know her but she agrees to dress up as a fairy and come to your daughters birthday?
Me: Yep.
Him: Wait so how do you even know she will look the part?
Me: Brit sent me her FB info.
Him: You creeped on her on FB?
Me: Umm.. Yea I guess.
Him: Seriously?
Me: Well yea, You can’t have just anyone play Tink if that was the case I would’ve just dressed up.
Him: Unbelievable.

Life would be so much easier if everyone understood you like your bestie but they don’t. I guess that’s why we’re bffs, because not just anyone would creep their friends FB pages to see if they are currently sporting a Tink look and send pics to me for approval no questions asked. That is why Tink is coming to Trin’s party and not this:



I love you Brit and Trin loves you to for saving her from the humiliation of daddy being Tinkerbell at her party. However much she loves Despicable Me 2 we don’t need to recreate Agnes’s birthday fairy princess in reality.


Thank you for delivering no matter what the question is! I will creep on anyone for you.


We would love to know what oddball things have you done for your Bestie? Leave us a comment. 🙂