New Year’s Style

For my New Year’s Eve Party this year I was looking for a fun party dress and ran across a ton of great finds. Here are some of my fav picks:

Dress 1 dress2dress 3  dress4 dress5 dress6 dress7 dress8 dress9 dress10

Here are the sites I found them on so you can scope out your own great party dress!    ModCloth  &  luulla

Don’t worry mama to be, I didn’t forget about you! Here are some great styles for you and your bump to ring in the new year. Happy 2015!

mdress1 mdress2 mdress7 mdress6 mdress5 mdress4 mdress3 mdress8 mdress9 mdress10 mdress11 mdress12

Styles found on isabelleoliver, lilac clothing, and A Pea in the Pod Maternity


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and got to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.
I didn’t get any great pictures but here are a few from our day and Kenley’s first Christmas….the boys and my brother engrossed in their new games, a Kenley collage, and the only time I could get Ryann to sit still long enough for a picture. We will try get a nice one of them all dressed up soon, but today was pajama day for the big ones so they could show of the jammies they got from Santa. Kenley is a peanut and Santa bought jammies that were way too big so she didn’t participate today 😉





Happy Christmas Eve!

We are so blessed this year! We get to spend Christmas Eve with our families and children, eating good food and enjoying great company.


Tonight we will pack a care package for our little Elf on the Shelf, Elsa, and send her back to Santa.  Our kids will open their special Christmas Eve gift which is always new pj’s, popcorn, hot coco, ice-cream treat and a new Christmas themed movie.


Our little family will snuggle in and watch the movie before bed. After we will place a key for Santa on the door.

santas key

We will get out our special cookie plate and cup and set out fresh made cookies and a tall glass of ice-cold milk for Santa and some carrots for his reindeers. Then it is off to bed to dream of sleigh-bells and magic, I ❤ this time of year!


Breast are Beautiful Except When Feeding Babies

Being interested in sociology, I am naturally intrigued by why our society so readily accepts women baring all on the beaches at spring break but as soon as a baby is brought into the picture and boobs are used they were intended to be it is all of a sudden revolting. I ran across this gem and thought I need to share: The Paradox of Women’s Sexuality In Breastfeeding Advocacy and Breast Cancer Campaignes

Is this


Not as sexy as this



If you read the article you come across a line that reads; Because of the “dirty looks” and clear discomfort by others, women reported not wanting to breastfeed in any situation that could be considered “public.” I think the best way to change this is to make nursing in public common, a new norm if you will. For all the brave mama’s out there already doing this, THANK YOU! You will make the difference. Brit and I have come up with a way to help say thanks. We are now offering Nursing in Public thank you cards in our Etsy shop and give them out on a regular basis to moms we see out and about feeding their littles the natural way.

ba fron

RACK- Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

I saw this and thought what an amazing idea, it’s a advent calendar for counting down to Christmas through random acts of kindness. Brilliant!

There was also a downloadable calendar with great ideas! Even though Christmas is almost here I plan to make the most of the days left and follow the calendar for the days that are left.
Check out all the tips and download one for yourself at Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Ready to Pop

One of my favorite gifts to bring newbie parents in the hospital is Champagne. When our first child was born we brought a bottle with us and had the nurses put it in the fridge. After her birth we celebrated with intimate family and friends. It truly was a special way to welcome our new addition and one of my favorite memories of her birthday.  IMG_2154
This is one of the cutest bubblies I have found to bring the parents (especially if they have a girl). It is Barefoot brand and the little foot is just too precious. They also make mini bottles which are great if you don’t want to bring glasses to the hospital so everyone can have their own “baby” bottle.

Here is the gift tag I tie on the bottle. Enjoy 🙂


Almost There

Wow! Do I have a case of senioritis or what. Today I am completing my final essay exam whoot-whoot! I can’t wait to be done and have time to concentrate on my kids and life again but I will miss lab time. 😥


Though I may never actually use my degree to do what I love, at least my god-daughter is following in my footsteps. ❤ Maybe someday she will let me go on a dig with her. 🙂


The final essay topic was on the history of the horse and cart and archeological evidence to support it’s importance. I found some interesting articles on recent discoveries I thought I would share as a farewell tribute to my time working on my anthropology degree.

2500 year old horse remains found in Bulgaria:


4000 year old chariot discovered: