Breast are Beautiful Except When Feeding Babies

Being interested in sociology, I am naturally intrigued by why our society so readily accepts women baring all on the beaches at spring break but as soon as a baby is brought into the picture and boobs are used they were intended to be it is all of a sudden revolting. I ran across this gem and thought I need to share: The Paradox of Women’s Sexuality In Breastfeeding Advocacy and Breast Cancer Campaignes

Is this


Not as sexy as this



If you read the article you come across a line that reads; Because of the “dirty looks” and clear discomfort by others, women reported not wanting to breastfeed in any situation that could be considered “public.” I think the best way to change this is to make nursing in public common, a new norm if you will. For all the brave mama’s out there already doing this, THANK YOU! You will make the difference. Brit and I have come up with a way to help say thanks. We are now offering Nursing in Public thank you cards in our Etsy shop and give them out on a regular basis to moms we see out and about feeding their littles the natural way.

ba fron

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