Winning Weekend


4-peatThis past weekend we traveled to TX to see our college team play in the FCS Championships for the 4th time, making history being the one of only 3 football team to have a successful 4-peat! The game was insane! Totally worth the trip and sleep depravation. Here is the highlight excerpt from Sports News:

After blowing a nine-point lead in the fourth quarter, NDSU quarterback Carson Wentz needed a touchdown if the Bison were to join D-III Augustana College (Ill.) and NAIA Carroll College (Mont.) as the only teams to win four consecutive national titles.Unfazed by the pressure, Wentz needed 61 seconds and six plays to travel 78 yards to put the Bison back on top. Wentz threw for 237 yards (15-of-22) and one touchdown, but he did most of his damage on the ground, rushing 16 times for 87 yards.The key play: a five-yard rush for a touchdown with 38 seconds left to make it 29-27.

With that final score, the Bison finished 15-1 and sparked the expected jubilation. The Dakota Dynasty put its mark on the record book and “the thundering herd”, as fans refer to themselves, rushed the field.

Storming the field

Storming the field




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