Christmas Advent Calendar


So my bestie and I decided we were going to do something special to count down to Christmas for our kiddos. This time we were ahead of the game for once (which didn’t last long, I’ll get to that in a minute). My oldest is such a bookworm we decided we would get 24 Christmas books to make the count down. Wow are kids books expensive, 24 new Christmas stories were going to be well over a hundred bucks and we couldn’t justify it. We found an awesome site called Books by the Foot. They sell a box of Christmas themed books for $29.99 plus shipping which for our location was $25.00. The site said they pack around 100 books per box so we decided we could split a box. So it cost $55.00 and we each got about 50 books from the deal, not too shabby! That is around .55 a book and since we split the cost was only $27.50 each. We wrapped up 24 books for under the tree and each night the kids get to pick one for their story before they go to sleep. They actually  look forward to getting ready for bed, it’s awesome! And the even better part is we had enough books that we can do it again next year and it won’t cost us any more money since we already have the books.

A few things if you plan to do this:

The books are pre-owned. For the most part they were in good shape but there were a few that were well loved.

We actually got 2 shipments, the first box that came was not the Christmas box we ordered. They were just an assortment of children’s books which was fine the kids liked those too but when I contacted the company the were super helpful and sent the Christmas box right away, free of charge, and told us to keep the first box! Great customer service ❤ !! (Of course the second box didn’t show up until after Dec. 1st so that put our advent calendar behind a bit. So much for being ahead of the game for once but next year we will be ready 🙂 ).

You may get some duplicates. We didn’t mind since we just split them up anyway and ours were actually not the same book just the same story like 2 Rudolph the Reindeer books or 2 Christmas Carol books by different authors. Would work fine if you are sharing the box or planning to use the box to do a calendar for more than 1 year.

The age range is large. We had everything from board books to chapter books.  That actually worked great for us since Brit’s older kids are well into chapter books and her and my youngest are still trying to eat their books. I wouldn’t recommend this box if your only kids are in their tweens or teens. However, the site has tons of other options for older readers if you don’t mind them just being books and not Christmas themed.


Overall it has been a great way to get the kids in the holiday spirit and us too! This is one tradition I will continue for the foreseeable future.