Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ok, so I am a day late. I still hope everyone had a fun-filled, green everything day/weekend! 


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and got to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.
I didn’t get any great pictures but here are a few from our day and Kenley’s first Christmas….the boys and my brother engrossed in their new games, a Kenley collage, and the only time I could get Ryann to sit still long enough for a picture. We will try get a nice one of them all dressed up soon, but today was pajama day for the big ones so they could show of the jammies they got from Santa. Kenley is a peanut and Santa bought jammies that were way too big so she didn’t participate today 😉





Happy Veteran’s Day!



This is Dobri Dovrev, a 98 year old Vet that lost his hearing in WWII.

Everyday he walks 10kms from his home to Sofia where he spends

all day begging for money. He then donates every  last penny he

collects toward the restoration of decaying Bulgarian Monasteries

and churches and the utility bills of orphanages. He has donated

over 40,000 Euros leaving him to live off his monthly state pension

of just 80 Euros! He is a hero through and through.

Have you helped a veteran today?


Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! We had a nice time, despite it being cold and windy. Zakariah was Daryl Dixon, Dominic was Jack Skellington, Ryann was a cheerleader, and Kenley was Sally Stitches. Here are a few pics of the kiddos….










So busy!

Work has kind of taken over my life but here’s a little photo drop 😉

Ryder and Kenley shopping with their favorite person, pumpkin patch fun, and a little collage of a Kenley to celebrate her 7 month b-day….






Etsy is dangerous!!

Anyone with babies and toddlers probably knows the cuteness than can be found on Etsy. With that cuteness comes extreme danger…to your wallet! I seriously need to stay off of there as far as buying is concerned….or maybe Megan and I need to get our shop, Pretty Little Tantrum, going again so we have some extra fun money.

Here’s some of my latest purchases:

A Glam Bag from SmileSunshineDesigns. It is a grab bag of goodies for teething babies and it’s all super cute as well!

Adorable crocodile stitch booties from Warmth & Whimsy

Personalized keychain from Sweet Aspen Jewels I got these as part of the godparent gift for Kenley’s godparents…which reminds me that I never gave Megan hers.

Rompers and bows from Lilly Bow Peep
20140710-094310-34990383.jpg I also got matching ones for Ryann to wear in a picture with Kenley but I haven’t gotten around to having that taken yet. (Photo of Kenley courtesy of Kristjen’s Photography)

A gorgeous custom gown from LilMamas

20140710-094519-35119623.jpg This was meant to be Kenley’s going home outfit but it was just too big so we waited and wore it for pictures at about 6 weeks old. (Photo of Kenley courtesy of Kristjen’s Photography)

Sibling shirt set from Zoey’s Attic They have soooo many adorable choices. They can do a lot of customization with names and almost any color you can imagine. Because Zakariah is getting too old for cutesy things, I went with these ones:

20140710-095654-35814522.jpg. This is another pic I haven’t gotten around to taking but really need to. I may have to call our favorite photographer soon!

I could probably keep going, and maybe I will at a later date, but those are just some of the awesome shops and cute items I’ve purchused recently.

*Besties was in no way compensated for this post. I am just passing along some great items from shops that have given good service

**feature image courtesy of blog.complete.com