Time Warp

O M Goodness! It’s been a while…EEK! So pretty much 3 years since the last post and a ton has happened yet day to day goes on basically the same as always. I thought I would do something a little different. Today I would like to share a couple of AMAZING products that my BFF has so kindly shared with me. Honestly they have been a lifesaver but also a few have become almost an obsession and an expensive one at that so not sure if I should thank her or bill her ūüėČ but as the name of the site implies we discuss all things besties share and here are a few I can now not live without.

  1. TULA anything and everything! The blankets for sure were the best thing I ever found to swaddle my babies and lets talk softness… they feel like butter! The carriers, wraps, and everything else is also pretty fabulous.
  2. Dot Dot Smile – These are the CUTEST everyday dresses and oh so soft. Added bonus the are perfect for twirling. ūüôā Get yours here: ¬†https://www.facebook.com/groups/dotdotsmilebykimbovee ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† kenny
  3. Monat- Seriously saved me from shaving my post baby balding head. So many mix and match options for all hair problems and now instead of falling out my hair is actually re-growing and healthier than ever. Friends don’t let friends go bald!
  4. LipSense- No lipstick on your coffee cup and no reapplying…Enough said.
  5. Animal Land Bemidji MN – Okay so this one we kind of discovered together. Brit has family around Bemidji and it has a ton of cool stuff for kids so she agreed to go for a day trip with all the kids. We wanted to do a zoo so we looked up the area and found this animal park. It was a pretty big shock when we got there and were rang up by a lady holding a skunk. Once inside a few animals were just out wondering around which were tame and we were able to get close enough to pet. The last pen had a big gate and said Enter. We thought it was just a way to get closer to the tiger cage but in reality it turned out to be a deer habitat. They came from every direction to eat the apples we had bought upon entering the park to feed the animals. It was the highlight of our day for sure, the kids loved it and keep asking to go back! I highly recommend making a stop there if you are in the area.
    deeroh deer

Christmas Advent Calendar


So my bestie and I decided we were going to do something special to count down to Christmas for our kiddos. This time we were ahead of the game for once (which didn’t last long, I’ll get to that in a minute). My oldest is such a bookworm we decided we would get 24 Christmas books to make the count down. Wow are kids books expensive, 24 new Christmas stories were going to be well over a hundred bucks and we couldn’t justify it. We found an awesome site called Books by the Foot. They sell a box of Christmas themed books for $29.99 plus shipping which for our location was $25.00. The site said they pack around 100 books per box so we decided we could split a box. So it cost $55.00 and we each got about 50 books from the deal, not too shabby! That is around .55 a book and since we split the cost was only $27.50 each. We wrapped up 24 books for under the tree and each night the kids get to pick one for their story before they go to sleep. They actually¬† look forward to getting ready for bed, it’s awesome!¬†And the even better part is we had enough books that we can do it again next year and it won’t cost¬†us any more money since we already have the books.

A few things if you plan to do this:

The books are pre-owned. For the most part they were in good shape but there were a few that were well loved.

We actually got 2 shipments, the first box that came was not the Christmas box we ordered. They were just an assortment of children’s books which was fine the kids liked those too but when I contacted the company the were super helpful and sent the Christmas box right away, free of charge, and told us to keep the first box! Great customer service ‚̧ !! (Of course the second box didn’t show up until after Dec. 1st so that put our advent calendar behind a bit. So much for being ahead of the game for once¬†but next year we will be ready ūüôā ).

You may get some duplicates. We didn’t mind since we just split them up anyway and ours were actually not the same book just the same story like 2 Rudolph the Reindeer books or 2 Christmas Carol books by different authors. Would work fine if you are sharing the box or planning¬†to use the box to do a calendar for more than 1 year.

The age range is large. We had¬†everything from board books to chapter books.¬† That actually worked great for us since¬†Brit’s older kids are well into chapter books and her and my youngest are still trying to eat their books. I wouldn’t recommend this box if your only kids are in their tweens or teens.¬†However, the site has tons of other options for older readers if you don’t mind them just being books and not Christmas themed.


Overall it has been a great way to get the kids in the holiday spirit and us too! This is one tradition I will continue for the foreseeable future.

What’s In My Bushka Bag – *The 1 Year Old Winter Edition

1. Honest Company Diapers and Wipes
2. Aquaphor Healing Ointment for chapped skin and diaper rash
3. Angle Baby Lotion to combat winter dryness
4. Learner cup spill proof with 360¬ļ drinking edge
5. Banana teether/toothbrush
6. iPlay universal bottle topper incase I forget a cup
7. Pouch food for an easy/clean snack on the go
8. Halo sleep sack in fleece and aden + anais 4 layer dream blanket
9. Bumkins sleeved bib to prevent messes
10. Complete outfit long sleeve and pants for winter
11. Outerwear cold weather gear extra hat and mittens

Let’s talk car seats


One of the most important purchases you make for your child is their car seat. With so many brands available how do you pick the right one? Do you get the base or just use the buckle? Convertible or booster? So many options! My advice turn to The Car Seat Lady. This lady breaks it down and helps parents protect their precious cargo! Watch her videos on YouTube or follow her on FB.

Some tips to get you started via The Car Seat Cop aka Holly Wagner:

1. Don’t buy a used car seat.

2. Research one that’s right for your car and read the manual.

3. Find a certified child passenger safety technician to help install it and show you how to use it.

4. If you cannot find a tech in your area, go to http://cert.safekids.org.

5. Make sure the seat is rear-facing until the child is 2.

6. Adjust the chest clip to armpit level; at abdomen level, organs can be injured in a crash.

7. Make sure straps are snug and straight.


Janusz Liberkowski is a name I have not forgotten when it comes to the car seat struggle. His heartbreaking story about loosing his daughter in an automobile accident and inspiration to save other children from this misfortune has stuck with me every time I buckle one of my kids in. He was the winner of American Inventor on ABC and though he had partnered with Evenflo to bring his invention to market this has yet to be accomplished and the partnership has since ended. He called his safety seat the Anecia Survival Capsule after his baby girl. Here is what the prototype looked like:


The show revealed the product after some tweaking in the finale to look like this:

care seat1care seat

To see it in action check out this YouTube video (sorry I couldn’t find one in English but you don’t need to hear it to see how it works).

Not sure about all you but I would be interested in testing this possible life saving invention out!

Here is an update to this post from last month, a new company has released  a prototype for a potentially lifesaving addition to the standard car seat. Check out all the details on their site Carkoon.

Winter Photo-shoot

Wanted to share some of my favs from my little ladies photo-shoot as a reminder of how beautiful winter truly is. As we hurry from the warmth to our cars, workplaces or stores it is easy to overlook the beauty of this time of year and only see the negatives. Today as you hustle from your car to your home stop for a second to admire the icicles on the trees and breath it all in. Life is full of beautiful in the most unexpected of places.



House to Home

I am beyond excited for my bestie who is doing her final inspection on her new home today! I hope everything turns out great so they can move in right away because everyone wants to move when it is -30¬į with wind-chill! Yes, it came at a bad time of year to move but the upgrade is definitely welcomed and worth braving the cold. A bigger yard and more space for her beautiful family to grow is a great blessing. She on the other hand is not as excited as me because as anyone in her situation knows, moving is a lot of work! Don’t fret buddy, I will help you pack, move, paint or whatever you need. ūüôā

Now to find the perfect housewarming gift to make your new house feel like home…

A new outdoor mat


Energy conserving socket because a bigger house means bigger electric bills!


 Fold flat colander and grater because there is never enough kitchen space.

flatfold flat

For mom’s office.


For dad’s man-cave.


 For the kids.