2nd Birthday!

We celebrated my youngest’s 2nd birthday this weekend. Here are a few highlights.



Ready to Pop

One of my favorite gifts to bring newbie parents in the hospital is Champagne. When our first child was born we brought a bottle with us and had the nurses put it in the fridge. After her birth we celebrated with intimate family and friends. It truly was a special way to welcome our new addition and one of my favorite memories of her birthday.  IMG_2154
This is one of the cutest bubblies I have found to bring the parents (especially if they have a girl). It is Barefoot brand and the little foot is just too precious. They also make mini bottles which are great if you don’t want to bring glasses to the hospital so everyone can have their own “baby” bottle.

Here is the gift tag I tie on the bottle. Enjoy 🙂


The BIG 1


So finally going through and organizing some photos when I ran across my sweet baby boy’s first birthday pics. Where does the time go?  Our birth photographer had taken a photo of him in front of the clock at his birth time 7:31 AM and at 24 hrs old and now I have one with him at the exact time a year later but what happened to all those hours, minutes and seconds in between I have no idea!

m3Ryder outIMG_0687 (2)

Note: Never leave children alone unsupervised with balloons. Luckily my son has never been one to put things in his mouth but still I watched like a hawk as we took these photos. He thought they were balls and was more interested in throwing them than eating them but accidents can happen in a matter of seconds so please be proactive. Thanks!

Trinity’s 5th Fairy Birthday Bash


We celebrated Trin’s 5th birthday this past weekend, here are the highlights from the party:


IMG_9043IMG_9044 - CopyIMG_9042IMG_9080 - CopyIMG_9096IMG_9107IMG_9105IMG_9101 - CopyIMG_9095 - CopyDécor and set up preformed by Pretty Little Tantrum
 IMG_9076IMG_9041IMG_9032IMG_9256IMG_9252IMG_9271IMG_9269Tinkerbell Doll cake was made by the extremely talented Mallory Bushaw!
IMG_9126IMG_9124IMG_9131Fondant Tinker Bell Cake was a creation of Fantasies in Frosting
IMG_9135IMG_9137IMG_9144I ordered the cake topper from Dhoreen at DsCustom Toppers

The cake was a grocery store bought cake
 IMG_9067IMG_9070 - CopyTutus and Toadstools were made by Pretty Little Tantrum
IMG_9086IMG_9059IMG_9056IMG_9087IMG_9147 - CopyActivities included Coloring Pages, Painting Fairy Houses, A Scavenger Hunt, Musical Toadstools and Pin the Puff on the Fairy

IMG_8990IMG_9003IMG_9029IMG_9369IMG_9091IMG_9199IMG_9093Tinkerbell came for a visit!!
IMG_9174IMG_9177IMG_9184IMG_9196IMG_9206IMG_9208IMG_9212IMG_9224and everyone’s favorite part, we had a live butterfly release!


Coming Soon!


New handcrafted items from Pretty Little Tantrum!

I know it’s been a while since we have had items available from our shop but we are restocked and ready to get crafty! 🙂 Our fabulous tutus are back and here is a sneak peak at some new items we will be showcasing


New photo card featuring a mustache design perfect for any little man’s birthday or birth announcement


Front View

Back View

Monogram Hair Clip Holder: Custom holder made to match your child’s room décor.


Toadstool/mushroom stool cover. Inspired by Trinity’s upcoming Tinkerbell birthday these super cute covers will be available late September. I will be using these toadstools to play musical chairs at her party. They would also work great in a child’s play room.



Abby Birthday Cake

So I always go gaga over amazing cakes and think I can pull them off and then about half way through realize I am in over my head! Someday I will figure out how to decorate with fondant but for now it is not in my repertoire of skills. Lucky for me I have the beautiful Miss Mallory in my arsenal of weapons:) I found this amazing Abby Cadabby cake I wanted to make for Trinity’s 4th birthday. Of course I knew I couldn’t pull it off and honestly had my doubts that anyone including Mal could but as you will see she is AMAZING!
Here is the inspiration:


The real thing~

 IMG_3978 IMG_3980IMG_3987 IMG_3986IMG_3968  IMG_4011

Granted the photos were taken in our garage so the lighting is a little funny but pretty close don’t ya think? Thanks Mallory she turned out perfect! Here are some of the cake artist other masterpieces:

3237_1131498335128_6885986_n 3347_1125858754142_4066745_n 3347_1125869914421_4451455_n 5097_1161522845722_5587890_n 5415_1181588307346_2231326_n 5415_1190820178137_498619_n 7619_1237960396613_3839185_n  7619_1237960476615_8231479_n7619_ 12944_1286630213328_4750208_n 12944_1286631293355_3035812_n 12944_1286631333356_4051399_n 13533_1249258639062_1802147_n 13533_1249258799066_3090726_n 13533_1249258759065_7499572_n13533_1249258719064_3076319_n