Winter Photo-shoot

Wanted to share some of my favs from my little ladies photo-shoot as a reminder of how beautiful winter truly is. As we hurry from the warmth to our cars, workplaces or stores it is easy to overlook the beauty of this time of year and only see the negatives. Today as you hustle from your car to your home stop for a second to admire the icicles on the trees and breath it all in. Life is full of beautiful in the most unexpected of places.



Maternity Shoot


prego2Many women hate their pregnant bodies, these changes are not met with feelings of beauty and the glow that other’s talk about is not so much a glow as sweat from lugging around the extra pounds. A maternity shoot with a¬†professional might help you see the new you in a more endearing light. I know the last thing you think you want to do is memorialize this image of the oversized you¬†forever by getting it on film but when you look back you will be glad you did. A few weeks after baby is born and you look down and no longer see anything except the floor there will be a moment of joy then a brief fleeting moment of sadness for the empty womb you so carefully protected for the past nine months. Every women should have at least one great pregnancy picture. So you’ve decided to take the plunge and capture your bump for eternity, you’re going to do a maternity photo-shoot. Now what? Here are some tips to get you that great baby belly shot:

What clothing should I bring to my photo shoot?

  • Wear anything you feel comfortable in and LOVE. Normally you should avoid patterns, stripes and plaids unless you love them and they are a true representation of your personality, however for a maternity shoot sometimes stripes and chevron patterns help to emphasis the baby bump.
  • Pick solid colors: white, black, brown, gray. Avoid bright pink and yellow as the tend to wash you out.
  • Pants – jeans (any color), black pants (yoga pants work well)
  • Necklines – select v-necks, squarenecks, turtlenecks or deep scoop necks. Women should avoid manly necklines and stay away from crewnecks.
  • Sleeves – Long-sleeved shirts tend to be the most flattering, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps also work. Women should avoid t-shirt length sleeves as they draw attention to the arms¬†unless they have beautiful, sculpted or very thin upper arms.
  • Fabrics – look for clingy, not necessarily tight, fabrics with a little stretch. Ruched clothing helps with this effect.
  • Shirts – big, white, button-down rumpled man’s shirt. Any shirt or cardigan that opens down the front works well.
  • Tanks – anything clingy, fitted or stretchy in solid colors (white, black, red, blue…)

What else should I bring to my photo shoot?

  • You can bring a stuffed animal, flowers, baby shoes or an outfit, ultrasound photo, maternity sash or ribbon. Really anything that has meaning to you and your baby works great.
  • Some more unusual items are wedding veils, belly buds or headphones, henna, native cloth or cultural dress items.
  • Check with your photographer to see what if any props are offered


What preparations should I make?

  • Get a manicure and a pedicure a day or two in advance
  • Wear makeup! Some photographers offer packages that includes makeup, you’ll get the best results if you visit a makeup center prior to your shoot. Check out Make up ideas for photos for a better idea of how to prepare.
  • Don’t wear anything binding to the shoot to avoid marks on your skin. This includes bras with underwires, ribbed socks, sunglasses, hair bands or tight¬†bracelets¬†on your wrist.

Notice the nails


Once you’ve decided to take the plunge just remember to relax and enjoy yourself the photographer will handle the rest!

Here are my favorite shots from being pregnant with Trinity and Ryder:


With Trinity


With Ryder

Photo Editing Made Easy

I’m obsessed! I have been using fotor to edit my pics¬†for a few weeks now. It’s free and user friendly.¬†I love it for easy photo edits! Here are a few examples of my before and afters using this program:




 I Also LOVE it for making collages! Here are a few of my latest creations:



Go on, try it for yourself ūüôā


Etsy is dangerous!!

Anyone with babies and toddlers probably knows the cuteness than can be found on Etsy. With that cuteness comes extreme danger…to your wallet! I seriously need to stay off of there as far as buying is concerned….or maybe Megan and I need to get our shop, Pretty Little Tantrum, going again so we have some extra fun money.

Here’s some of my latest purchases:

A Glam Bag from SmileSunshineDesigns. It is a grab bag of goodies for teething babies and it’s all super cute as well!

Adorable crocodile stitch booties from Warmth & Whimsy

Personalized keychain from Sweet Aspen Jewels I got these as part of the godparent gift for Kenley’s godparents…which reminds me that I never gave Megan hers.

Rompers and bows from Lilly Bow Peep
20140710-094310-34990383.jpg I also got matching ones for Ryann to wear in a picture with Kenley but I haven’t gotten around to having that taken yet. (Photo of Kenley courtesy of Kristjen’s Photography)

A gorgeous custom gown from LilMamas

20140710-094519-35119623.jpg This was meant to be Kenley’s going home outfit but it was just too big so we waited and wore it for pictures at about 6 weeks old. (Photo of Kenley courtesy of Kristjen’s Photography)

Sibling shirt set from Zoey’s Attic They have soooo many adorable choices. They can do a lot of customization with names and almost any color you can imagine. Because Zakariah is getting too old for cutesy things, I went with these ones:

20140710-095654-35814522.jpg. This is another pic I haven’t gotten around to taking but really need to. I may have to call our favorite photographer soon!

I could probably keep going, and maybe I will at a later date, but those are just some of the awesome shops and cute items I’ve purchused recently.

*Besties was in no way compensated for this post. I am just passing along some great items from shops that have given good service

**feature image courtesy of

How to announce a new addition

When it comes to announcing a new addition to the family, there are so many cute ideas. I pinned such cute things on Pinterest…but when it came down to it, I didn’t have the time (or the energy) to actually follow through with them. Immediate family and friends were told very simply just by one of us talking to them. Because Ryann was such an excited big sister, she ended up telling quite a few people before we necessarily had planned on doing so. I decided to make these pictures (from my phone because I rarely get on an actual computer for anything outside of work!). We sent these to some relatives that lived out of town and I also sent them to some friends I wasn’t going to be able to talk to face-to-face and didn’t want them to hear from someone else. When we finally decided to announce publicly, I posted these pictures to my Facebook. They aren’t nearly as cute as some of the ideas I’d been looking at, but I feel like they did the job!
1380437_10151992633034189_1362308683_n IMG_3602