Healthy Halloween Snacks

Looking for a healthy Halloween treat to send to school or a surprise for your child’s lunch box this Halloween? Here are some super easy fun ideas sure to please!

Jack-O-Lantren Fruit Cupjack-o-oranges


Witch Brooms

Use kitchen scissors to slice the bottom half of a cheese slice, wrap it around a pretzel stick, and then use a fresh chive as a string to hold it in place.

Snack Plate

no candy
Goldfish, raisins, a banana, and celery are all you need to make this fun Halloween snack plate

Banana Ghost

All you need is banana’s and chocolate chips

Orange Pumpkins


All you need is oranges or clementine’s and celery.

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I know it’s been a while since we have had items available from our shop but we are restocked and ready to get crafty! ūüôā Our fabulous tutus are back and here is a sneak peak at some new items we¬†will be showcasing



New photo card featuring a mustache design perfect for any little man’s birthday or birth announcement


Front View

Back View

Monogram Hair Clip Holder: Custom holder made to match your child’s room d√©cor.


Toadstool/mushroom stool cover. Inspired by Trinity’s upcoming Tinkerbell birthday these super cute covers will be available late September.¬†I will be using these toadstools to play musical chairs at her party. They would also work great in a child’s play room.




I’m a happy teether with my amber teething necklace!


When Trinity was teething for the 1st time so was I. My wicked wisdom teeth decided to rear their evil heads while my baby girls central incisor’s were poking through her bottom gums. She took it like a champ! Mom on the other hand curled up on the couch and thought she was going to DIE! I continuously chewed on Gummy Bears (which was a surprisingly effective method for dealing with the pain) until I could get into the oral surgeon to have my teeth removed.

Number 1 = Trinity; Number 5= Mommy (only worse! there should be a number 6 wisdom teeth you think you will die and at the worst point wish it were so!)01010


For me it was chewy Gummy Bears that were my saving grace but you can’t give a baby candy to ease the pain. There are a million options available but here is what I have found works (and what didn’t).

Teething Necklaces~

They make both baby and mommy ones. The amber is a great natural pain reliever for babies to wear when teething just don’t let them nap or sleep with them on. Ryder’s is a necklace from The Art of Cure¬†but there are many vendors available. For moms they have tons of options also. Most mother teething jewelry is silicon or rubber but some are knit, wood¬†or fabric. Chewbeads, Jellystone, and Uggla Land¬†on etsy are some of my favorite brands. ¬†I also adore Mommy Necklaces but as far as helping with teething my babies didn’t love them for that.

Chew Toys~

I have spent a fortune on toys that are supposed to help with teething but neither of my kids like to chew on them. I have friends that sware by Sophie the giraffe made by a French company most parents are aware of, I also tried Lela the deer from a German company neither of which interested my kiddos.

Sophie    lela

I thought maybe imitation food would work since Ryder loves to eat anything (including paper and cardboard!). I purchased jellystone’s candy bar teether and appetheethers broccoli teether. He doesn’t love either.


Next I tried a paci type teether. Ryder likes his Nuks so this went a little better but only when he is sleepy does he use it more than a minute. Here is the one I got him KidGear Teethifier:


Trinity loved her RaZbaby paci but Ryder wasn’t as big of a fan. I think the mouth shape is the difference between the 2 kids because Trin liked MAM pacifiers which are shaped more like the RaZbaby teether and Ryder likes Nuk brand pacifiers.


Last I thought maybe something with flavor would do the trick. I couldn’t find any pacifier or teething toys with flavor but I did find some that had a smell. I went with the Vulli Vanilla teether (from the makers of Sophie). They smell AMAZING but didn’t interest Ryder. ūüė¶


Biscuits, Popsicles and Food Items~

I found a great idea for a popsicle teething treats on Ryder actually loves:) Here it is:

All you need is a silicon pan.  Any shape will probably do and I own a heart one. Here are some Silicone Pans On Amazon .

Applesauce Popsicle Toddler Treats

I added my squeezable pouches in (I layered two flavors here):

applesauce popsicle toddler treats

applesauce popsicle toddler treats

Put the pan into the freezer till they were solid ( this took a few hours, but will ultimately depend on how much food you layer) and then I popped them out. They come out super easy!

applesauce popsicle toddler treats

Now another way to do this would be to add little Popsicle stick handles in them or even use a thin apple slice (or carrot, celery, etc) as a handle so your child can pick it up without getting their fingers cold.

These frozen treats are a great alternative to grocery bought ice cream and you can control the fruit or vegis and it tastes just as good! And if you have a pantry full of left over baby food, it helps clear that up as well.

toddler homemade food

Another BRILLIANT idea I ran across was this form

For your little ones, just take a wash cloth,
wet the center with a little water,
spread on a Tbls. of apple sauce, secret home remedies
roll it up,
then freeze it.
Babies love this b/c it’s sweet, chewy, and cold so it numbs their gums!

If you don’t have applesauce try these DIY Frozen Pacifiers for Teething Babies found on Diary of a Fit Mommy:

Freeze a pacificer in an ice cube tray to soothe teething baby's gums.

Teething milk pacifier!  Buy the pacifiers with the cover cap, use breast milk or formula and pour the milk into the cap, put the pacifier in the cap and stick in the freezer for a few hours. Once the milk is frozen run the pacifier under warm water for a few seconds and pull it out of the cap and you have a nice cooling teething pacifier for your baby!

Frozen Soothie Pacifiers for Teething infants :)

How to create a frozen pacifier for teething baby: 1. Squeeze all the air out of the nipple. 2. Submerse it in water and release nipple to fill it with water. 3. Freeze it and give it to baby.  Home remedies for teething - Homemade DIY teether

Teething biscuits also seem to help. Try this recipe from My So-Called (Mommy) Life:
1 c. infant rice cereal
1 c. wheat flour
1 mashed banana
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tsp cinnamon
4 tbsp water
1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees; line a baking pan with parchment paper
2. In a medium sized mixing bowl, add in rice cereal, wheat flour, banana, coconut oil, cinnamon, and water
3. Stir until completely combined
4. On a floured surface, roll out the dough until it is 1/2 an inch or so thick
5. Use a cookie cutter to cut into shapes

6. Place biscuits on a pan and bake for 15 minutes

7. Let it cool, eat and store in leftovers in a freezer bag.  They can also be frozen!
Or try this fool proof recipe from

Take a plain old slice of bread and turn it into the perfect teething biscuit!

This idea is nothing short of genius!

It’s perfect for small hands. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s cheap. You many never buy a box of teething biscuits again! Check it out…

Start with a slice of your favorite Whole Grain Bread.
Skip the ones with seeds which may pose a choking hazard

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 01

Cut off the Crust

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 01

Store the crust in a ziplock bag.
It makes great breadcrumbs! Just save up all the crust and then run through the food processor.

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 03

Squish down the Bread.
You can use a roller, but I just press with my fingers

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 01

Take a small amount of Unsweetened Applesauce.
This is optional, I like to add a little flavor and the moisture helps make the bread ‚Äústick‚ÄĚ

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 04

Smear the Applesauce.
Just a super thin layer

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 06

Sprinkle with Cinnamon

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 07

Roll as tight as your can, squishing as you go along to have the bread stick together.

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 08

Microwave for 60 seconds

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 09

60 Seconds should be all your need but if the bread still seems real soft, microwave for another 30 seconds.

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 10

Let it cool.
It may still be slightly soft, but as it cools it will harden nicely

Baby Food: Homemade teething biscuit 11

Offer it to the unsuspecting baby.
He‚Äôll think you slaved all day in the kitchen ūüėČ

*My personal addition to this recipe is to add teething oil to the applesauce for extra rough days.

Tablets, Gels and Oils~

Baby Oragel didn’t work for Trinity and because of the bad rap it’s had in the media I never tried it with Ryder. The adult stuff didn’t help with my wisdom tooth pain either so I think this is a fail.

Humphrey’s worked AWSOME for Trinity but I couldn’t find them when Ryder needed them so I used Hyland’s teething tablets for him and they worked well.

Homemade teething oil has also become popular. I like to use 2 drops peppermint oil, 1 1/2 tbsp. coconut oil and 3-4 drops clove oil. You can purchase these oils through doTERRA, Essintial¬†Oil Company¬† or another company you trust. Natural clove oil¬†needs to be diluted and can be EXTREMLY dangerous if used at full potency! Just be aware that natural doesn’t always mean safe. Here are some other oils that provide¬†benefits for the mouth and¬†teeth.



Remember once baby starts popping teeth you need to start caring for them. I like Baby Orajel’s 1st toothbrush and paste. The brush is actually a finger cover with nubbies on the end that massage babies gums and help alleviate pain (it also works as a barrier when a teething tyrant try’s to bite you while brushing:) ) Babies should have a dental well check at 1 year where your dentist can recommend a toothbrush for your little one.


For more information on how babies teeth develop check out Tooth Nature. Here is an model of how babies teeth form in the skull. No wonder teething is so troublesome!