Ready to Pop

One of my favorite gifts to bring newbie parents in the hospital is Champagne. When our first child was born we brought a bottle with us and had the nurses put it in the fridge. After her birth we celebrated with intimate family and friends. It truly was a special way to welcome our new addition and one of my favorite memories of her birthday.  IMG_2154
This is one of the cutest bubblies I have found to bring the parents (especially if they have a girl). It is Barefoot brand and the little foot is just too precious. They also make mini bottles which are great if you don’t want to bring glasses to the hospital so everyone can have their own “baby” bottle.

Here is the gift tag I tie on the bottle. Enjoy 🙂


My Hosptial Bag

When I had baby #1 I had a vague idea of what to pack, by baby #2 I had it down to a science! Our hospital provided everything for baby, diapers, wipes, a pacifier, a brush, blankets and even clothing (they had specific tee-shirts they look like this  they wanted baby in to do easy temp and heartbeat checks). For me they had a gown (UGLY) and towels (Scratchy) and pads. Baby #1 was full term I had my bag packed for when labor started. I had things like snacks for me (but mostly for daddy I had a fear of pooping on the table so I didn’t want to eat before pushing), magazines, a playlist on my iPod, lemon juice to squeeze on ice chips, oil absorbing wipes and wet wipes, hair ties and a headband, and massagers to rub my back… none of these came in handy since baby #1 ended up being breech and a C-section ensued. I had my first baby in less than a half hour! Go me:) Because of certain condition I opted for a repeat C-section for baby #2 rather than a Vbac. I skipped the lemon juice and music this time since I knew this would be quick. Instead I packed my own hospital gown (from Pretty Pushers)  and nice towel and flip flops for the shower. I also remembered how awful hospital pillows were so I packed my own. I got a new set of PJ’s and robe since I knew I would have guests and wanted to be covered but comfortable and a going home outfit. I bought some new undies since my pre-pregnancy ones most likely still wouldn’t fit and would hit right about the same spot as my incision and my maternity ones would be too big. Yes I bought Granny Panties for this occasion. I threw in a few snacks for those late night feedings when the kitchen is closed but for the most part our hospital had really good food. I got a new nursing bra. I only bought one because I knew my size would change over the next few days and weeks. I brought disposable nursing pads as well, my milk has a habit of coming in very fast so the colostrum stage is short maybe a day and then I start leaking like a sieve! Toiletries: Make up, shampoo, conditioner etc. (Don’t forget your glasses contact case and cleaner if you wear contacts). I brought my computer for those times when baby is sleeping and no one is visiting (with a C-section my hospital stay was a day longer and so there were down times). I brought my child’s baby book (it is important to look through carefully before baby arrives because mine had a page for hospital visitors to sign) and an outfit for bringing baby home. My boyfriend’s and my tradition has been for daddy to pick the take home outfit out for our kids. I brought a special shirt for baby while in the hospital for day  3 after they allowed him to have clothing (see it here). I packed my Camera (extra batteries, an extra SD card, and charger). Cellphone and charger which I left a note to myself to grab on top of my hospital bag since I am notorious for not having my phone or it being dead. A black nursing tank and shirt for photos after baby was born and a stuffed animal plus his musical sea horse (see it).

What’s in my bag:


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10 Things You Need To Do In The Final Month Of Pregnancy


~In the last month prior to baby’s arrival there is so much to think about and with pregnancy brain in full effect it’s easy to forget what you have and have not done! Here are the important things to have ready for baby’s homecoming:

  1. If you haven’t already get the crib set up and wash the baby bedding in a baby friendly detergent like Draft. Wash all the newborn- 3month clothing items you have purchased   (also in a baby friendly detergent). The Doctor can usually give you an idea about babies size but to save yourself some money if you think your baby will be on the bigger side instead of buying a lot of newborn outfits stick to layette gowns and bunt sacks. They are super comfortable for baby and easy enough for even daddy to dress baby in 🙂
  2. Schedule your newborn pictures and your hospital photo-shoot if you chose to do one. I advise picking a photographer that is willing to be flexible as baby does not always come on the day they are due and you hate to have a shoot scheduled you are obligated to pay for when you don’t have a baby yet! *If you are having a birth photographer check out our list of hospital photos to take the first day and what to wear/pack for photos.
  3.  Discuss your birth plan with your partner. If you need help getting started check out Earth Mama’s free form found at If you are having a boy decide now if you are going to get him circumcised.  -*Also check with your insurance to make sure aspects of your birth plan, babies hospital stay and circumcision are covered. I had a friend who need a C-section and the extended recovery day was covered for her but the extra day in the nursery was not covered for the baby. This could lead to thousands of dollars so be sure to know your insurance policy and what will be covered and what to expect to pay.
  4. Take your classes. Many hospitals offer free classes to moms to be. Lamaze, Labor Basics, Hypnobirthing, New Baby & Me, Breastfeeding Begins, Birthing with Confidence and Caring for Your Newborn are a few of the classes my clinic offered.
  5. Purchase and install the car seat (rear facing). Sometimes your clinic or place in your community will do free car seat checks. My clinic offered a few programs Baby’s First Ride and Kohl’s Kids Ride Safe.
  6. Pick a doctor (pediatrician) for your baby.
  7. Buy A nursing bra and nursing pads. You will need one to get started but your boobs will change sizes after birth so don’t spend a ton of money right away because you will probably need a new size once you get home.
  8. Pack your bag and don’t forget the batteries and keep the car gassed up! *Check out our blog about what you need (and what you don’t for your hospital stay).
  9. If you haven’t already you need to talk to your boss about the your maternity leave and the amount of time you expect to be gone and figure out what you will do with baby once you return to work if you choose to go back after the birth.
  10. Buy Diapers and wipes whether you are cloth diapering or using disposables you will need to have a stock pile for when baby comes home. Also check with your hospital most will supply diapers but there is always the off chance you will need to bring your own.

~Now here are the things you SHOULD do before baby comes home:

  1. Go on a date! You might not have the opportunity for a while once baby is home.
  2. If you have other kids take a day with each doing something special just the two of you (include daddy if you wish).
  3. Make some goodies, freezer meals and get some takeout menus. You will be tired when baby comes home and may have a lot of company so get prepared now. Also make sure you have some good nutritious food stockpiled in the fridge. You won’t want to go shopping the first few days home.
  4. Take some you time. Get your nails done, hair done or a massage. This might be the last time you can focus on yourself for a while. If you don’t do the girly thing just make some time to be alone. Once baby is here you will always have someone in your space and it can be overwhelming.
  5. Go to a movie. A lot of people recommend this because it is impossible to take an infant to the movies but I personally would avoid it. I did this with my first pregnancy and was so uncomfortable I had to get up and walk around the hallways about 15 times so really wasn’t worth the money!
  6. Go on a babymoon. Here are some of the top destinations:
  7. Make a labor playlist.
  8. Double check that all your important contacts are in your phone and let friends and family know if you prefer they visit in the hospital or after you come home.
  9. Pre-address envelopes for birth announcements. I love the metallic pinks and blues on this site:
  10. Have a girls night. It may be a while before you get girl time once your little one makes their appearance so have a spa day, slumber party, night on the town or whatever you and your ladies are into to celebrate your last few mommy free days.