Happy Christmas Eve!

We are so blessed this year! We get to spend Christmas Eve with our families and children, eating good food and enjoying great company.


Tonight we will pack a care package for our little Elf on the Shelf, Elsa, and send her back to Santa.  Our kids will open their special Christmas Eve gift which is always new pj’s, popcorn, hot coco, ice-cream treat and a new Christmas themed movie.


Our little family will snuggle in and watch the movie before bed. After we will place a key for Santa on the door.

santas key

We will get out our special cookie plate and cup and set out fresh made cookies and a tall glass of ice-cold milk for Santa and some carrots for his reindeers. Then it is off to bed to dream of sleigh-bells and magic, I ❤ this time of year!



What a Wonderful Idea!


I think I will try to do this for friends and family this year! I unfortunately won’t be doing this for the littles since I have already purchased most of their gifts but will definitely keep it in mind for next year. Look out Etsy, here I come! Along with Etsy Nicole’s Fine Pastry is definitely on my short list for gift ideas as well as K & Krafts and Just Grains for those with dietary restrictions on my list. 🙂

What about you?

If you have any great ideas for handmade/homemade/local gifts we would love to hear from you, leave us a comment.

Healthy Halloween Snacks

Looking for a healthy Halloween treat to send to school or a surprise for your child’s lunch box this Halloween? Here are some super easy fun ideas sure to please!

Jack-O-Lantren Fruit Cupjack-o-oranges


Witch Brooms

Use kitchen scissors to slice the bottom half of a cheese slice, wrap it around a pretzel stick, and then use a fresh chive as a string to hold it in place.

Snack Plate

no candy
Goldfish, raisins, a banana, and celery are all you need to make this fun Halloween snack plate

Banana Ghost

All you need is banana’s and chocolate chips

Orange Pumpkins


All you need is oranges or clementine’s and celery.

Have A “Fairy” Wonderful Halloween



Cut out Tinker Bell wings from green felt, and use a glue stick to attach the wings to a miniature pumpkin.


What You’ll Need

•Makeup sponge

•Small or medim paintbrush

•Glittery gold makeup

•Black face paint

•White face paint

•Blue face paint

•Green face paint

•Pink face paint

•Shimmer or glitter lip gloss

How To Play

1s1Using gold makeup, color the eye area starting from the inner eye and working at a 90-degree angle toward the forehead, as shown. Color the whole upper eyelid and the area above the brow. With the makeup sponge, make a gold swirl around the cheek. Don’t worry too much about getting this perfect, it’s more of a shimmery, magical foundation for design to come. Lightly top the gold makeup with blue paint.

2s2Before painting the designs on your child’s face, sketch them out on paper. Get comfortable with the strokes you intend to make so that when you paint them, you can do so with quick, single strokes. Using a small or medium paintbrush, create curly lines and blotted dashes in either white or black, depending on which color would stand out more on your child’s skin.

3s3Outline the lines and dashes with a contrasting color (black for white lines, white for black lines). Always outline on the inner side of the line. This creates a shadow effect. If you have flowers or stars in your design, you can add a dash of color (blue, pink, green) to them. Add some shimmer lip gloss and your little fairy face is complete.

4s4There’s a plethora of colorful fairy outfits for sale where Halloween costumes are sold. Let your child pick out her favorite one and accessorize with a matching floral crown, tights, and colorful ballet shoes or flats. Or, for the more ambitious of you, check out these homemade fairy costumes:


•Green felt by-the-yard*
•Green tulle with glitter*
•Hot glue gin & extra glue sticks
•*Yardage depends on skirt size. 1 yard will cover most kid sizes.
•Tutu or other elastic-waist skirt (green, pink or white)

How To Make It

  • 1 Use the patterns provided to cut out felt and tulle “leaf” pieces. The number of pieces you need will depend on the child’s waist size, and how full you want the finished skirt to be. For the over skirt it was made to fit over a 3T tutu, cut out 13 leaves each of felt and tulle.Tip: Cut out several leaves at once by accordion folding your fabric first. Pin the pattern to all layers of fabric and cut out.
  • 2 Use sharp scissors to snip slits into the felt and tulle leaves, as indicated on the patterns.
  • 3 Cut a piece of elastic that is 3-4 inches larger than the child’s waist. Place a felt leaf on top of a tulle leaf. Run elastic through the slits, coming up from the bottom (wrong side) and then down through the top (right side) into the other slit. Use white, green or pink elastic for your project since some elastic may be seen in the finished product.
  • 4 String all of the leaves onto the elastic. Meanwhile, heat up your hot glue gun.
  • 5 Check the size of the waist and make sure it will fit comfortably around the child’s waist. Then tie the elastic with a double knot. Pull the knot through the slits until it sits on top of one of the felt leaves. Snip off the ends. Put a small dab of hot glue behind the knot and secure it to the felt leaf.
  • 6 Put another dab of hot glue on the tip of the felt leaf. Fold the leaf down and stick the felt to itself, covering the elastic (do not glue the elastic). Repeat for all of the felt leaves. Adjust the leaves around the elastic waist so they are evenly distributed. They should overlap each other a bit.
  • 7 Use hot glue to add rhinestones to the felt leaves.
  • 8 Wear the skirt over an existing tutu or elastic waist skirt.


Headband Directions: fairy-tinker-bell-flower-headband-sf-printable-0709_FDCOM1


Some Other Fun Tink Halloween Ideas!



Directions: tinker-bell-pumpkin-carving-template-printable-0811_FDCOM



Directions: flashlight-cover-tinker-bell-printable-0911_FDCOM


Tink Shil
Step 1: The image of tinkerbell

Started with an artificial Pumpkin (any size will do), Tinker Bell silhouette from Google image (Like above).  Print it out and tape it to your pumpkin.


Step 2: The pocking

Use a pushpin and follow the outer image and pock pock and pock all around.

cutDrillhot knife

Step 3: The tools

Tools for carving Hot knife, cordless drill 1/16 and 1/8 drills and artificial carving saws


Step 4: Carving finish

finished 2

Gifts That Keep On Giving

It is getting to be that time of year where I am looking for creative and fun ideas for gifts for the kiddies in my family. Here are some great subscriptions that will keep them busy all year long.

$19.95/Month Kiwi Crate delivers a new fun hands on project for your child to your door.


$39.99/Month Babba Co. sends a monthly subscription box of crafts, books, fun, and learning to you great for ages 3-7.


$29.95/Month you will receive a package containing an eco-friendly and non-toxic toy, fun accessories, sponges, and washcloths as well as all-natural and organic soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, lotions and creams.








$25.00/Month you will receive the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys from birth -5 years old.


$19.95/Month gets you hands on art, craft and science activities for kids either 3-7 or 7-11.


$39.99/Month gets you 6 New Brand-Name styles delivered to your door.


And if you are looking for something geared for the tiny tots check out these great boxes!

$25.00/Month get a box full of the best baby gear reviewed by moms like you.

Citrus Lane Review & 50% Off Coupon - September 2013https://wwws.citruslane.com/#index

$24.95/Month Try it before you buy it. Bluum offers age appropriate boxes full of goodies for your little one as well as a couple new products for mom.


$79.00/Purchase IncrediBundles offers cool bundles for new little ones like a year worth of books, a year of toys or sleep bundles.

Sleep Bundle - Premium - Baby Gifthttp://www.incredibundles.com/home.php

$17.00/Month Looking for a unique handmade something for a newbie try Binkabox.


$79.95/Month You will get Eco friendly diapers and wipes sent right to your door. Check out their other eco friendly bundles as well.


Of course I can’t forget about my prego bestie this Christmas. She will be getting on of the subscriptions below but I won’t give away the surprise. 🙂 We will make sure to do a review of the product after Christmas!

$39.00/Box Get a special box geared toward your month of pregnancy or a due date box.

the due date! box of blisshttp://mamalanabox.com/

$40.00/Month Receive a special box for each month of pregnancy. Complete all 9 and get a free baby box!

10 Storks Boxhttp://10storks.com/

$55.00/Month Keep that soon to be mama stylish with maternity apparel, accessories and beauty products sent right to her door.


$39.99/Month Hand picked, natural safe products for your specific stage of pregnancy or your babies stage of development sent to your door.


$39.99/Box Give moms to be a box with special goodies for the mind and body.



If you are looking for other options for subscriptions check out my subscription addiction at http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/ for other great subscriptions and reviews.